Impressions of the House

Casa Encantada
Caminho Agricola São Faustino
Alfontes (8100-093 Boliqueime)
tel. 0031 624847973
37.164324 - 8.124564
(Google Maps)

Casa Encantada was built in 2010 by a Portuguese contractor. It is well-insulated, which makes the rooms cool in summer and warm in winter. Water is pumped up from a source around 250 meters underground and warm water is generated by solar panels on the roof. On top of the hill that the house is on you can see the sea, while the house itself overlooks the beautiful Portuguese hills. The land surrounding the house is approximately 2 hectares and is filled up with olive, fig, carob bean, almond and orange trees. A range of different herbs also grow on the land, such as thyme, oregano and wild sage. Birds also enjoy the area, with the European bee-eater, the eagle-owl and the azure-winged magpie among those spotted.

0031 624847973

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